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Bitter & Sweet, living daily with grief


Getting started…..

I’ve been talking about starting a blog for almost a year;  I am now finally doing it!  When we wrote on Caring Bridge, it was kind of the same type of thing as a blog.  I have to admit, I have missed having the posts as an outlet when things happen.

There are so many different topics to write about.  I am continuing to live with grief almost two years later and it still feels like yesterday sometimes.  Being a single parent now is another adjustment.  And writing a book is a biggie.

I have finished the first draft of “Bitter & Sweet, a Family’s Journey With Cancer”.  The experience of writing it was the same as what we lived through in 2010-  also bitter and sweet.  It was cathartic but painful to relive the memories every day.  Sometimes it felt like too much, yet it felt like the path I needed to take… like it was necessary in order to continue to heal.  There is much to do to actually get it out to the public, then it will be time to start the next book!!

Just plain living life every day with all of its normal ups and downs is a challenge, but living with the back drop of learning to be a family again without our Tim is even more challenging.  Sigh.