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How to Get Out of Trouble

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I’m such a sap.

And my 10 year old son has completely caught on.

He brought home yet another FAILING open book test. (How does that happen?  Well, when you think you are so smart you don’t need to bother looking up the answers, you might end up failing.  Yes, even a second time.)

As I opened his take-home folder, I found a poem attached to the test.

“The results of my social studies test won’t fill you with glee,

But don’t take hockey away from me.

I am sorry I made you mad,

But no hockey would make me sad. 😦

I know that you will not like the results of the test,

But just so you know, I did my best.

I know that you’ll be mad,

But consequences will make me sad.”

He kills me.  I asked him if he really wrote it by himself.  He said “Yes.  I tried to tell the other kids that failed that they should try it too but they just weren’t buying it.”

It worked, I can’t stand it when my kid is sad.

After a parent-teacher conference though, he did come up with his own consequences.  If he forgets his homework (or whatever) he loses TV for the entire night-  shows, but more painfully his WII and Playstation games too.  I would’ve suggested two hours, but I’ll go with the whole night.

I might be a sap, but I’ve raised a clever boy 🙂

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One thought on “How to Get Out of Trouble

  1. I think your son is going to be a poet. He definitely has your heart. Can you imagine the poems he will write for his girlfriend or future wife when he is in the dog house? Look out. He is adorable.

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