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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

TaffyYa think? My daughter Emily is in Georgia and its been six degrees even there. Crazy.

Don’t those of you that also live in the Buffalo area get tired of people saying things like, “But you live in Buffalo, what do you expect?” I’ve lived here for all of my life other than eleven years in the Windy City, which is also quite cold in the winter. I’m not surprised by it, but I don’t think you ever get used to it.

And those of you that know me, know I’m a great big baby. I hate being cold. And I hate shopping. And lately I’ve had a lot of shopping to do and errands to run. So I’ve been doubly whiney. Errands and zero degrees at the same time. Big whining for me.

My dog Taffy doesn’t get it. She loves the snow. And she wants her two-mile walk every day no matter how cold it is. She has one of those faces that is a sad puppy dog face, even when she’s happy. So now she is really laying it on thick. She has not gotten nearly as many walks as she usually does and she looks pitiful.

I bought some long underwear on one of those shopping excursions. Boy, am I glad I did. This January, I had another one of my “I must purge my house” months and got rid of a bunch of stuff. In my bedroom, I came across two pairs of thermal underwear. I hardly ever wear them, so who needs two, right? So I donated one pair to the give-away box. I went to put the other pair on the other day and it was about three sizes too small. Me and my organizing. I gave away a perfectly good pair of thermal underwear and now had to go out and buy another pair. In the freaking, freezing cold. Brilliant. That will teach ya.

Frankie and Colin still go outside and toss the football around. I watch from the window and think about how no matter how hard I try, I will never understand the male species. Are they nuts?

I love that Christmas duet. I sang it at Karoake a couple of weeks ago. You don’t have to convince me. I will just stay in and let my mother and sister and neighbors start to worry and talk because “Baby, it’s coooooold outside.”