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Job Hunting Woes

Since January, I have been actively trying to figure out how to generate new business for myself that combines some of the skills, experience and passion I have developed over the last several years. I am still going to do therapy, but I want to do something in addition.

If I could sum it up, I would like to do what I do for my dad but be able to make an income. If that means hands on help for someone, that would be great. If it means teaching medical professionals how to do a better job with patient and family concerns, that would be great too. If I could use my speaking skills to teach people how to help get their affairs in order – or their loved ones’, that would also be great.

For almost five months I have been emailing and making phone calls. I am the queen of networking. I’ve joined organizations, attended seminars, and had more meetings than I know what to do with. It is usually informative and fruitful, but I come home with another five things to add to my follow up list. I am pursuing hospitals, rehabs, assisted living, hospice, financial advisers, attorneys, insurance agents, etc. – anyone that could possibly interact with folks who need my services.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of all is how many times I have heard the statement, “There is a huge, huge need for what you are trying to do.” I have known that every time I have been somewhere with my dad and know that 98% of everyone else there doesn’t have someone to voice their concerns. All those professionals I talk to see it every day, sometimes several times a day. Their services have an end point and people need more than they can offer.

But I have yet to be hired to help even one person.

I am pretty aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I know which things I am good at. My favorite thing is the speaking gigs. I get tremendous feedback when I talk. I get feedback from others who overhear people talking about one of my lectures and how helpful and/or moving it was.

But I have yet to be able to give a Tedtalk. I have not been accepted by speaker’s bureaus and have no idea why.

People have always hated job hunting. It is hard to stay positive and deal with daily rejection. The more depressed you get, the harder it is to sell yourself. I haven’t had to face this in a while, but I am reminded now to be compassionate to others who are being challenged by this. And I am reminded to be grateful for the fact that I am still working while I am out there searching. Lots of people don’t have that luxury. And I have a boyfriend who cheers me on every day, even when I drone on about my headache from hitting my head against the brick wall.

Woes? Yes, but so many more blessings to focus on.