Help for Healing

Bitter & Sweet, living daily with grief



Some good news. Here is where being persistent pays off sometimes.

I asked them (specialist)to call me today but of course, they didn’t. I called and left a message. No response.

I called my doc’s office because I assume they get copies of the reports. The well-meaning support staff answered. Dr. Grace rocks like no other doctor, but her staff protects her like she is more important than God. I complain every time I see her and she keeps apologizing. Anyhow, the nurse tells me that the protocol is the results must come from the specialist. I VERY firmly but kindly insisted that she leave Dr. Grace the message anyhow: They have the radiologist’s reports but they aren’t telling me anything. The nurse finally agrees to send the message.

Within an hour, I get the call back. Of course Dr. Grace tracked down the test results. The nurse told me “not to tell” the specialist they gave me information. Whatever. Anyhow, Dr. Grace said, “The tests are totally clear. Do not worry about it anymore.” God, I love her. I KNEW she would find out. She gets it.

We still have the follow up appointment next week, but for now I am breathing easier. We still don’t know what’s wrong, but it’s probably not catastrophic. Thanks for all the love and concern!